Vacuum system

Engel-Gematex Vacuum System

This system provides you with easiest and fastest textile transport possibilities with minimum space requirement. The vacuum transport technology is suitable to transport both dry and wet laundry.

Our vacuum transport systems can be applied between different floors, buildings, finishing machines, conveyors or dryers.

Fast, efficient and automatic way of transferring textiles – wherever space is at premium. A real alternative to the service-intensive bag-system.

Components of the Engel-Gematex vacuum transport system

Vacuum transport box

This patented system was developed to transport not only loose laundry but also complete laundry cake directly after the press. This system replaces the classic shaker and is loaded automatically via a loading conveyor or a bag-system. The laundry is first separated in the vacuum box and then automatically sucked to the desired subsequent machines.


The Engel-Gematex stockbox serves as a laundry storage for the processing machines (eg. wash tunnel, dryer, finisher etc.). Depending on the situation the laundry can get automatically unloaded at the desired location and time.

To offer the customer the greatest possible flexibility, it is possible to manufacture several stock boxes as a stacked structure (tower) or side by side (battery). The dimensions and the technical design is very flexible and can be adjusted depending on the customer`s wishes.

Vacuum nozzle


The laundry will be transported full automatically or with help of an operator by sucking to the desired destination. Here, too, Engel-Gematex impresses with innovative solutions to integrate the sucking system perfectly into the laundry process.