Tilting devices

Engel-Gematex tilting devices

We manufacture tilting devices specifically tailor-made to your conditions and design. Take advantage of number of years of Engel-Gematex experience in the design and manufacture of tilting devices.

The wide array of Engel-Gematex tilting devices is based on well-thought-out system that has been successfully tested in real life operations. Our tilting devices enable easy handling of your grid containers and/or laundry trolleys and replace hard and tedious work of the operators.  

From simple stand-alone tilting devices for trolleys to complex lifting - tilting devices for various grid containers - the integration of further systems such as sorting stations and loading stations is possible at any time.

Engel-Gematex tilting devices for automatic emptying of containers or linen cart:

  • in a sorting station
  • into a processing machine
  • in a conveyor system
  • for direct loading of the washing tunnel
  • or for direct loading in the dryers

The dimensions and technical specifications can be adjusted according to customer`s requirements.