About us



Engel – Gematex is internationally sought-after company in the field of laundry systems. The company has been operating for 35 years with the second generation of the Engel family taking over the leadership.

The area of expertise encompasses the research and development, design, manufacturing and installation of modern, tailormade solutions for industrial laundries.

For its clients, Engel-Gematex develops and designs cutting edge products, such as dryers and transportation systems (fully automated textiles handling). As such, Engel-Gematex is a market  leader in this area. Engel-Gematex AIR IDEA SYSTEMS stands out worldwide showing the company’s potential and quality.

Together with its clients, Engel-Gematex brings forward ideas that become solutions in its final stage. The company especially provides for solutions that are both ecologically and technologically sound while at the same time ensuring that the solutions are economical and user friendly. Challenging its clients to think about futuristic solutions in the Laundry Industry Engel-Gematex has already become household name among companies that are looking far ahead in to the future.


The highest quality is achieved according to ISO certification. The goal of QM-Systems that are installed is to strive towards constant improvement and quality awareness at all levels of the company.

Long Term Cooperation

“ The best solution is the correct one” , that’s the Engel-Gematex’ proclaimed motto to which all long term co-workers/employees always look up.

Long term cooperation based on trusted relationship with the client has the always had the highest priority. Honesty and Trust goes a long way in keeping clients satisfied  and in building partnerships that last generations. For Engel-Gematex it has been 35 years……….

Individual Approach

The company takes its clients through the entire analysis of the project that involves but is not limited to the needs and goals of the undertaking. It always searches for the best solution focused on individual client’s economic and technical needs.

Ideas by Engel-Gematex guarantees a movement in the laundry technology