Sorting System

Engel-Gematex Sorting System

The Engel-Gematex sorting system is used to sort and transport all kind of textiles (dirty, wet and dry).

The measurements and capacity of the sorting station can be adapted in accordance with customer`s requirements. Optional electronic weight and quantity recording of the sorted textiles is possible.

Engel-Gematex offers sorting systems for all purposes:

  • Sorting system for laundry containers
  • Sorting system for laundry trolleys
  • Sorting system with air transport technology
  • Sorting system for bag system (Stockbox battery/tower)


Optional components

  • Weighing sensors for electronic weight and quantity recording
  • Full automatic pressing-device
    • This enables the transport container to hold double capacity, which leads to cost savings when delivering laundry to the customer.

Sorting stations can be loaded by using different technologies:

  • Vacuum transport systems
  • Conveyors
  • Tilting devices