Engel-Gematex Conveyors

Flexible, individual and precise - conveyors of the highest quality!

Engel-Gematex has been relying on belts with drum motors for decades to give the customer the greatest possible flexibility. Drum motors require less space, allowing us to make the most of the space available to the customer. Neverthelsess, since 2018 Engel-Gematex is also offering gearbox motors as an alternative in order to be able to offer every customer the desired motor.



Construction features

  • Drum/gear motor with the desired voltage and speed
  • Drum/gear motor with brake or reverse lock 
  • Simple tensioning device
  • PVC conveyors with two textile fabric inlays
  • Stainless-steel side valences, polished inside, painted outside
  • Band support made of stainless steel
  • Belt body and adjustable foot steel construction, multiple surface treatment

Optional components

  • Emergency stop switch
  • Main switch
  • Photocell
  • Cable winch switch
  • Start - stop infrared sensor
  • Start - stop foot contact switch
  • Electronic weighing device
  • Safety cover
  • Pulley
  • Push off System
  • Centering